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LEAGUE TWENTYTWO CUP 2016 - 2017 (click here for cup results in previous years)

ROUND 1 Norton Sportsman 5 v 0 Civil Sports B Alan Streets
Bowland 2, Gibbons, Waymouth, Archer
Woodhouse Village 5 v 1 Steelers Nick Mason
Salt 2, Tomkins, Burgin, Jackson Watkins
Woodseats Chantrey 0 v 1 The Shakey Pete Selby
ROUND 2 AFC George 1 v 0 Cadbury Jack Purkiss
Brinsworth Phoenix 3 v 4 Brinsworth Whitehill Matt Tyers
Hawkes 2, Pearce Finney 2, Goodwin 2
Chapeltown RBL 0 v 2 FC Handsworth Turf Paul Matthewson
Goodinson, J Leesley
City Taxis 1 v 0 Intake Old Boys Dean Young
Cobden View 0 v 3 Ecclesfield PL Craig Couldwell
Sheen 2, Spazjer
Colley 3 v 4 Norton Oaks A Paul Cooper
Marshall 2, Dickinson Reet 2 (1 pen), Knapton, Lawrie
Hallam FC 1 v 2 Penistone Church Mark Bennett
Cawood Council, Lee
Norton Oaks B 1 v 4 Woodhouse Angel Adam Butler
Meah J Williams 2, C Towey, Worrall
Norton Sportsman 4 v 1 Crookes & District Tim Cruikshank
Rogers, Archer, Warhurst, Furness Coates
Oughtibridge WM 1 v 7 Killamarsh Juniors Michael Brown
Dodd Glover 3, Stead 2, Savage, Kamara
Redmires 8 v 2 Civil Sports A Jack Hall
Bath 4, Wall 3, Palmer T Bamford, Gordon-Hides
Southey Social 1 v 2 Stannington Village Tony Club
Mullen (pen) Johnstone, Todd
Wadsley Bridge Pheasant 3 v 0 Woodhouse Village Alan Streets
S Andrews, Parrott, Doughty
Woodhouse JFC 5 v 0 The Shakey Pete Selby
Tobin-Sykes 2, Bradshaw, Howard, Wragg
Woodseats Club 4 v 1 Dale WMC Nick Mason
Owen 4 Roberts
ROUND 3 AFC George 1 v 3 Norton Oaks A Pete Selby
Brown Reet 3
City Taxis 0 v 7 FC Handsworth Turf Jack Hall
Sills 3, Miskell, J Leesley, Hobson, Goodinson
Penistone Church 5 v 2 Ranch Craig Couldwell
Council 3, Howes, Savage Jacobs, J Denby
Woodhouse Angel 5 v 1 Ecclesfield PL Paul Cooper
Davidson 4, Husbands Groves
Redmires 6 v 3 Brinsworth Whitehill Matt Tyers
Taylor 2, Jacklin 2, Turner, Knaggs Coker, Goodwin, Walker
Wadsley Bridge Pheasant 3 v 0 Stannington Village Alan Streets
Barnsley, James, Askwith
Woodhouse JFC 1 v 5 Killamarsh Juniors Jack Purkiss
Bland Glover 2, Savage, Phoenix, Batterham
Woodseats Club 5 v 1 Norton Sportsman Nick Mason
Owen 2, Beech, Flanagan, Dyson Furniss
ROUND 4 Norton Oaks A 4 v 2 Killamarsh Juniors Nick Mason
Marshall 2, Conway, OG Edge, Wood
Penistone Church 4 v 1 Woodhouse Angel Alan Streets
Dickenson 2, Scrivens, Howes Simons
Redmires 1 v 1 FC Handsworth Turf Lee Freeman
Jacklin Barrett (Turf win 4-3 on penalties after extra time)
Wadsley Bridge Pheasant 3 v 4 Woodseats Club Tony Club
Beedham, Fothergill, Slater Owen 2 (1 pen), Beech, Westby
SEMI FINALS FC Handsworth Turf 4 v 3 Woodseats Club Ref Gareth Thomas
Sills 2, J Leesley, Stocks Owen 2, Lees A/R Michael Brown
4th Official Paul Rodgers A/R Tony Tierney
Norton Oaks A 5 v 2 Penistone Church Ref Jack Hall
L Paterson 3, Mowforth, Reet OG, Dickinson (pen) A/R Paul Holmes
4th Official Brent Marsh A/R David Williams
FINAL FC Handsworth Turf 4 v 0 Norton Oaks A Ref David Evans
at Bramall Lane J Leesley 2, Hobson, Shackshaft A/R Craig Couldwell
A/R Joe Alborough
4th Andy Hogg


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