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The Fixtures and Referees for November and December are shown below.

All home teams MUST make sure that their home pitch is available on all the dates shown. Please email Keith immediately if your pitch is not available on a date shown. 

All home clubs must also confirm the details with your referees and opponents for all dates shown IMMEDIATELY.

The home clubs should later (the Tuesday before the game) ring the referee to make sure the referee has got all the details.

If a referee says he cannot do a game listed for them, please notify Keith immediately.

Matches without referees must still go ahead and, if you have not been allocated a referee by the date of the game, the two clubs must agree on a stand-in 'referee' between them. Keith will still be working to gain more referees, so if you find one yourself, will you let Keith know immediately please

Match Fees, Substitutes, Half time, Cup Rounds & Reports


Referees allocations for the 2019-20 season - By clicking on the link at the start of this paragraph, referees can download a copy of the spreadsheet that shows which League, if any, they have been allocated to each on Sunday for the whole season. This spreadsheet has been put together by the four Sunday Leagues - Blades Super Draw, Imperial, Meadowhall / DBSports U18 & U21. It also shows the referees contact details - if any of this are incorrect please email Keith on If any referees are not listed, but would like to do games on a Sunday, again, please email Keith at the same email address. The spreadsheet is regularly updated as we are provided with closed dates and new referees.

If any referees wish to close any dates shown they MUST email all four of the Sunday Leagues and the County FA to the email addresses shown below (they are in the following order: Keith Firminger - Blades Super Draw, Brian Barnett - Imperial, Dave March - Meadowhall / DBSports U18 & U21, S&H County FA):,,,,

NOTE FOR REFEREES: We would also ask referees to let Keith know if they are not available for any of the dates shown.

Because of the terrific response the Blades Super Draw League has had from referees wanting to referee games in the League, we regret we may not be able to give every referee a game every week. If we have been unable to give you a game on a week you have agreed to do games for us, we will pass your details to another Sunday League who will hopefully be able to give you a game.


The Blades Super Draw League was the first adult men's Sunday League in the S&H County FA to be approved for The FA's Respect campaign. To help the League check if teams are meeting the standards of behaviour expected of them, we would be grateful if referees will complete the attached Referees Respect Report. It should only take a couple of minutes of your time.

Referees should click on the following link -  Blades Super Draw Sunday Sports League. Save the file to your computer, complete the form and email it as an attachment to:

We hope you all have an enjoyable season.


NOVEMBER 2019 - any changes to the original published list will be shown in red

TWENTYTWO CUP Civil Sports v Boynton Sports Pete Henger
Killamarsh Juniors v Southey Social Frazer Chawner-Wright
Chapeltown RBL v Norton Oaks David Williams
Colley v Wickersley Youth OV Paul Cooper
Crookes FC v Cotts FC Gareth Thomas
Eckington BFC v Ranch Ron Akers
Redmires v Handsworth Pub Tony Tierney
Woodseats Club v Norton Sportsman Andy Hogg
CBC PREMIER WB Pheasant v Oughtibridge WM John Reeves
No game requested v Royal Earl
Stannington Village v No game requested
DIVISION 1 Cobden View v Intake Old Boys Alan Streets
Woodhouse JFC v Mosborough Whites Phil Furniss
No game requested v Sheffield Sixs
DIVISION 2 Beighton Magpies v Prince of Wales Andy Morris
Brinsworth Phoenix v Nether Green Mike Hale
Darfield United v New Bohemians Jason Baker
Mosborough Reds v Wadsley Jack Ath Mike Darnes
No game yet v Shakey
No game requested v Cadbury
SUN SEN CUP Crookes v Workhouse Gym (Rotherham) Tony Tierney
Redmires v WB Pheasant    
Wickersley Youth P v P Manor Barn (Rotherham) Pete Henger
CBC PREMIER Cotts FC v Norton Sportsman Dave Evans
Handsworth Pub v Woodseats Club David Williams
Royal Earl v Stannington Village Adam Burgess
Oughtibridge WM v No game
DIVISION 1 Intake Old Boys v Civil Sports Paul Rodgers
Mosborough Whites v Cobden View Andy Hogg
Ranch v Woodhouse JFC Ben Boardman
Sheffield Sixs v Boynton Sports John Reeves
Southey Social v Norton Oaks Ron Akers
Chapeltown RBL v No game requested
No game yet v Colley
DIVISION 2 Cadbury v Killamarsh Juniors Mike Hale
Eckington BFC v Prince of Wales Mike Darnes
Nether Green v Beighton Magpies Phil Furniss
New Bohemians v Mosborough Reds Michael Warner
Shakey v Brinsworth Phoenix John Burrows
Wadsley Jack Ath v Darfield United Craig Couldwell
SUN JUN CUP Rossington v Boynton Sports County FA
Sheffield Sixs v Prince of Wales (Norton) Phil Furniss
Nether Green v Norton Paul Holmes
FC Portcullis P v P Wadsley Jack Ath County FA
Ranch P v P City Knights John Burrows
Birley B P v P Mosborough Whites Carl Gibson
Denaby United P v P Southey Social County FA
Sporting Wadworth v Woodhouse Junior County FA
CBC PREMIER Crookes FC P v P Norton Sportsman Gareth Thomas
SC Norton Sportsman P v P Woodseats Club    
Redmires v Cotts FC Paul Matthewson
Royal Earl P v P Handsworth Pub Ron Akers
Stannington Village P v P WB Pheasant Paul Cooper
No game yet v Oughtibridge WM
DIVISION 1 Chapeltown RBL P v P Norton Oaks Steve Beresford
SC Cobden View v Civil Sports John Burrows
Colley v Intake Old Boys John Reeves
DIVISION 2 Darfield United v Killamarsh Juniors Lee Davies
SC Brinsworth Phoenix v Shakey Ian Cox
New Bohemians v Cadbury Ben Shirt-Clarkson
Beighton Magpies v No game requested
Mosborough Reds v No game requested
Eckington BFC v No game requested
SUN SEN CUP Wickersley Youth v Manor Barn (Rotherham) County FA  
SUN JUN CUP New Bohemians U21 v Eckington BFC Peter Hall
FC Portcullis v Wadsley Jack Ath County FA
Ranch   v   City Knights County FA  
Birley B v Mosborough Whites County FA  
Denaby United v Southey Social County FA
CBC PREMIER Cotts FC v Crookes FC Dave Evans
Oughtibridge WM v Stannington Village John Reeves
Royal Earl   v   WB Pheasant Gareth Thomas
Wickersley Youth OV P v P Redmires    
Handsworth Pub v Norton Sportsman Paul Rodgers
Woodseats Club v No game
DIVISION 1 Chapeltown RBL v Cobden View Paul Cooper
Civil Sports v Colley John Burrows
Intake Old Boys   v Woodhouse JFC John Lees
Mosborough Whites P v P Boynton Sports  
Norton Oaks   v   Sheffield Sixs Alex Smith
DIVISION 2 Killamarsh Juniors v Darfield United Kevin Bridges
Prince of Wales v Brinsworth Phoenix Tony Tierney
Shakey v Mosborough Reds Ron Akers
Nether Green   v   Cadbury Phil Furniss
No game requested v Beighton Magpies

DECEMBER 2019 - any changes to the original published list will be shown in red

TWENTYTWO CUP Killamarsh Juniors v Southey Social Paul Holmes
Woodhouse JFC v Royal Earl Andy Morris
CBC PREMIER Crookes FC v Oughtibridge WM Tony Tierney
Stannington Village v Wickersley Youth OV Gareth Thomas
WB Pheasant v Handsworth Pub Paul Cooper
No game yet v Woodseats Club
Norton Sportsman v No game requested
Redmires v No game requested
No game requested v Cotts FC
DIVISION 1 Boynton Sports v Chapeltown RBL John Reeves
Cobden View v Mosborough Whites Pete Henger
Colley v Ranch David Williams
Intake Old Boys v Sheffield Sixs Anthony Rossiter
No game yet v Norton Oaks
No game requested v Civil Sports
DIVISION 2 Brinsworth Phoenix v New Bohemians Andy Hogg
Cadbury v Beighton Magpies Jason Baker
Eckington BFC v Shakey Frazer Chawner-Wright
Mosborough Reds v Prince of Wales Mike Darnes
Nether Green v Wadsley Jack Ath Phil Furniss
Darfield United v No game yet
SUN SEN CUP Crookes v AFP or Commercial Inn Andy Hogg
WB Pheasant v Brinsworth Whitehill or FC Cumberland Gareth Thomas
Wickersley Youth or Manor Barn v Joker or Stannington Park County FA
CBC PREMIER Cotts FC v Norton Sportsman Tony Tierney
Handsworth Pub v Stannington Village Dave Evans
Oughtibridge WM v Redmires Pete Henger
Royal Earl v Woodseats Club Paul Rodgers
DIVISION 1 Chapeltown RBL v Southey Social David Williams
Civil Sports v Woodhouse JFC John Burrows
Mosborough Whites v Colley Andy Hogg
Norton Oaks v Boynton Sports Anthony Rossiter
Sheffield Sixs v Ranch John Reeves
No game yet v Intake Old Boys
No game yet v Cobden View
DIVISION 2 Beighton Magpies v Nether Green Kevin Bridges
Brinsworth Phoenix v Mosborough Reds Ben Boardman
Killamarsh Juniors v Cadbury Ron Akers
New Bohemians v Darfield United Michael Warner
Wadsley Jack Ath v Eckington BFC Phil Furniss
Prince of Wales v No game yet
Shakey v No game requested
SUN JUN CUP Sheffield Sixs v Rossington Ian Cox
Nether Green v Birley B or Mosborough Whites Paul Holmes
Gamecock v Denaby Utd or Southey Social County FA
Ranch or City Knights v Birdwell Rovers John Reeves
Woodsetts Welfare or ????? v FC Portcullis or Wadsley Jack Ath County FA
Thorncliffe Arms or Innings v New Bohemians or Eckington BFC County FA
CBC PREMIER Oughtibridge WM v Wickersley Youth OV Gareth Thomas
Redmires v Norton Sportsman Tony Tierney
Royal Earl v Cotts FC Paul Matthewson
Stannington Village v Woodseats Club Pete Henger
WB Pheasant v Crookes FC Paul Cooper
No game yet v Handsworth Pub
DIVISION 1 Boynton Sports v Norton Oaks Ron Akers
Intake Old Boys v Colley Andy Hogg
Cobden View v Chapeltown RBL John Burrows
Southey Social # v # Mosborough Whites TBA
Woodhouse JFC v Civil Sports Phil Furniss
No game requested v Ranch
# If both sides out of Cup
DIVISION 2 Brinsworth Phoenix v Darfield United Craig Couldwell
Cadbury v Killamarsh Juniors Ben Shirt-Clarkson
Mosborough Reds v Eckington or New Bohemians TBA  
Prince of Wales v Beighton Magpies Anthony Rossiter
Wadsley Jack Ath v Shakey Alan Streets

Match Fees, Substitutes, Half time, Cup Rounds & Reports


The referee's fee for both League & League Cup matches is 25 plus expenses (35p per mile or actual bus fare paid)

Match Postponed - Officials entitled to half fee + expenses      Match Abandoned  - Officials entitled to full fee + expenses


Up to five substitutes can be named before the kick-off. All the five substitutes can be used on a roll-on, roll-off basis - i.e. a player that

  has been substituted becomes a substitute and can later return to the game. This can be done any number of times.
All the initial substitutes must be clearly indicated on the scoresheet given to both the referee and opposition BEFORE the game.
3. HALF TIME The interval will normally not exceed 5 minutes unless agreed by the referee.
4. LEAGUE CUP ROUNDS Each club will pay half the referees fee, but the home club should ensure he has been paid the full amount.
If drawn after 90 mins, 30 mins extra time (15 mins each way) should be played. If level after extra time, the tie will
be decided by penalties using the current FIFA rules. Only players playing at the end of the game can take penalties.
5. REPORTS Report all late kick-offs and late notification of ground directions etc. in writing to the League Secretary.
Report non-appearance of referees to the Referee's Secretary.
LEAGUE SECRETARY:  Paul Heath, 33 Halifax Road, Sheffield, S35 8PA    Home (0114) 327 3166    Mobile 0750 733 7311
REFEREE'S SECRETARY:  Keith Firminger, 23 Purbeck Road, Sheffield S20 7NL    Home (0114) 247 7477 Mobile 0794 091 3288

Blades Super Draw League - Referees for Sunday games


Please check availability with the referees immediately as some referees may not be available on the dates shown. If a referee is not available, please contact Keith on 0794 091 3288 immediately in case any spare referees become available.

This is the complete list of referees for Sunday games - they have either indicated they will do games on Sundays or did Sunday games in recent seasons. Not all of these are allocated to our League each week, but you should find the ones that are listed among them.

If any referees notice that any of their details shown below is incorrect, will they please notify the League ASAP, preferably by email to, and we will amend them. They should also check that the County FA has the correct detail as the County FA provided these original details to us.

Ron Akers 7 S9 0796 651 3626  
Jason Baker 5 S35 0779 946 5833  
Mark Bennett 5 S13 0780 159 6583 Injured
Ben Boardman 7 DN12 0785 458 9877 New address nr Maltby
Kevin Bridges 5 S20 07881 767279  
John Burrows 5 S5 0780 675 0569 No transport
Frazer Chawner-Wright 5 S40 0798 024 9096  
Steve Clarkson 5 S12 0785 551 8887  
Sam Clayton 5 S2 0791 222 1931 Will say when available
Tony Clubb 4 S35 0779 291 4839  
Paul Cooper 5 S35 0777 560 5360  
Michael Corbally 4 S73 0773 131 5396  
Craig Couldwell 5 S35 0779 976 2505  
Ian Cox 5 S8 0777 371 2374  
Tim Cruikshank 5 S11 0793 107 9729 No transport
Perri Dando 7 S10 0752 255 7425  
Mike Darnes 6 S13 0798 114 3311 Games towards Chfield
Timothy Darnes 5 S13 0798 572 8492  
Dave Evans 5 S20 0755 729 6303  
Phil Furniss 7 S8 0773 504 1650  
Carl Gibson 7 S20 0795 816 1478  
Joe Golland 6 S17 0790 588 7717  
Craig Grundy 5 S20 0775 383 7699  
Fred Haigh 7 S14 0773 817 2235  
Mike Hale 6 S10 0781 175 4263 No transport
Peter Hall 6 0792 080 6058  
Aaron Hallam 6 S6 0792 533 0958  
Pete Henger 3 S6 0787 940 7287  
Ryan Henger 4 S6 0779 932 6171 Stopped Sundays
Andy Hogg 5 S41 0778 553 6261  
Paul Holmes 5 S20 PAULANDREWHOLMES@AOL.COM 0787 728 2293  
John Lees 5 0748 470 1513  
Jack Mason 4 S6 0755 232 9637 Will say when available
Paul Matthewson 5 S35 0779 451 2325  
Andy Morris 5 S12 0114 2655808  
Ken Nicholson 5 S5 0757 036 8920  
Karl Parker 5 S10 0749 578 9292 Rarely available
John Reeves 5 S6 0788 739 3538  
Greg Roberts 5 S20 0758 344 5512  
Paul Rodgers 5 S2 0796 792 2248  
Chris Rose 5 S35 0780 923 6395 Will say when available
Anthony Rossiter 5 S10 0773 496 8650 Will say when available
Rob Sewell 7 S13 0754 385 5758 Injured
Ben Shirt-Clarkson 5 S12 0789 166 2903  
Alex Smith 7 S10 0775 982 9358 Public Transport only
Patrick Smith-Oshea 9 S2 0777 155 3045  
Alan Streets 5 S6 0772 069 6075  
Gareth Thomas 3 WF4 0754 531 0481  
Joshua Thompson 6 S18 0770 345 6896  
Tony Tierney 5 S17 0778 652 4647  
Matt Tyers 3 S35 0787 960 2716 Stopped Sundays
Michael Warner 5 S8 0777 183 4008  
Steve Watts 7 S6 0784 739 4903  
Steve Wilkinson 5 S5 0776 666 2132  
David Williams 5 S5 0789 177 2000  
Piotr Zak 5 S5 0798 430 3906  




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