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SEASON 2021-22

ROUND 1  Mosborough Reds  4 v 1 Minnies FC blues Paul Holmes
Ellis 3, Williams
 Beighton Magpies 4 v 1 Thorpe Hesley Village FC Iwan James
Milne, Hunt, Simpson, Thorpe
 Boynton Sports 5 v 4 Bolton Ex Servicemens 1st Tony Tierney
Bell, Peacock, Jordan, Gamban, Stewart After Extra Time
 Sheffield South First  8 v 1 Polo Pukz Carl Gibson
Marven, Samuels, Phillips, Davis, H Pollard 3, Bennasa
 Chapeltown RBL 4 v 0 Roman First Phil Furniss
Stringer 2, Marlow, Cowell
 Shakey FC 0 v 4 FC Inter First Pete Henger
Whitaker 2, Sargent, OG
 Homestead 1st  v Southey Social REDS County FA
Withdrawn - Away Win
 Bolsover Town Reserves  v Renegade Football
Withdrawn - Away Win
ROUND 2 Boynton Sports 6 v 0 Carcroft Village Craig Couldwell
Atkins, Gamban, Wilkinson 2, Peacock, OG
Bradgate 1 v 5 Chapeltown RBL
Saxton, Todd, Smith, OG, Moorhouse
Brinsworth Phoenix 5 v 0 Red Lion Grenoside Ron Akers
Hawkes 3, Commander, Howarth
Cotts FC P v P West Green AFC
Home Win West Green Withdrawn
Cross Keys Wath 0 v 14 New Bohemians
Hastings 4, Smith 4, Currie 2, Brown 2, Butcher, Maltby
F.C. Ivanhoe P v P Colley
FC Ivanhoe Withdrawn Away win
Kexborough Chiefs JFC P v P FC Inter
Kexborough Chiefs Withdrawn Away win
Moorview Rangers FC . 1 v 2 Sheffield Sixs Adam Burgess
Buxton, Clarke
RUSC85 The Travellers 1 v 5 Sheffield South
Ing 2, Davis, Phillips, Masterson
Sheaf House 2 v 3 Chapeltown FC Ian Cox
Carter, Maleta After Extra Time
Southey Social P v P Swinton Town
Soutey Social Withdrawn Away win
Stannington Rangers Green P v P Brinsworth Whitehill
Stannington Rangers Withdrawn Away win
Swallownest Juniors Dvlpmnt 0 v 7 Mosborough Reds Keevin Bridges
Ellis 2, Arrand, Smith, Coddington, Howson, Hotchin
Swallownest United 0 v 4 Beighton Magpies
Hackett, Milne, Winfild, Dickinson
Thurcroft FC 0 v 7 Jubilee Rangers U21 Craig Holland
Pocock 2, Jackson 2, Atherton, Reaney, Vigrass
Thurlstone FC 2 v 4 Renegade Football John Burrows
Vella 3, Evans
Wadsley Jack Athletic P v P Eden Arms Daniel Laugharne
Home Win Eden Arms Withdrawn
ROUND 3 AFC Royal 2 v 1 Jubilee Rangers
Beighton Magpies 1 v 4 Ravenfield Cavaliers Kevin Bridges
Birdwell Rovers 7 v 0 Mosborough Reds
Boynton Sports 3 v 0 Darfield Cross Keys James Crookes
Wilkinson, Jordan 2
Brampton Rovers AFC 3 v 6 Sheffield South
Benaissa 2, Pollard, Ing, Davis, Masterson
Brinsworth Phoenix 3 v 1 New Bohemians Dave Evans
Mellor, Slaughter, Hawkes Currie
Colley P v P Swallownest (Sunday)
Home win - Swallownest conceded
Cotts FC 4 v 3 The Garrison Ron Akers
Salt 2, Blythen, Shaw
FC Inter 3 v 1 Chapeltown RBL Adam Burgess
OG, Lees, Read Millen
Renegade Football 8 v 0 Breakers FC John Reeves
Jacobs 4, J Lindsay 2, Jeandin, Thomas
The Crown (Askern) 0 v 11 Brinsworth Whitehill SPC
Finney 5, Houghton, Goodwin, Carroll, 
McGuiness, Claxton, Szanto
Wadsley Jack Athletic 2 v 2 Sheffield Sixs Craig Couldwell
White, Lamkin Buxton, Davies (Sixers win 5-4 on pens)
ROUND 4 Swinton WMC 2 v 4 Brinsworth Phoenix
Hawkes 3, Firth
Renegade Football 0 v 3 FC Inter Ian Cox
Hoyland, Read, Westby
West Bretton 2 v 5 Sheffield South
Nolan 2,Brown, Bates, Hollis-Smith
Boynton Sports 5 v 0 Birley James Crookes
Heeley, Jordan, Gamban, Cockurn, Davies
Balby 1 v 2 Cotts FC
Salt, Blythen
AFC Royal 3 v 0 Sheffield Sixs
Brinsworth Whitehill 5 v 3 Ravenfield Cavaliers Tony Tierney
Claxton, Johnson, Finney 2, Szanto
Aston Lodge 1 v 2 Colley Phil Furniss
Belshaw 2
ROUND 5 Beighton Welfare 0 v 3 FC Inter Ian Cox
Read 3
Brinsworth Phoenix 2 v 6 Brinsworth Whitehill Pete Henger
Hawkes, Commander Finney 2, Goodwin, McGuiness 2, Houghton
Colley 1 v 3 Boynton Sports John Burrows
Rodgers Jordan, Peacock 2
Maltby Main JFC 0 v 3 Cotts FC
Salt 2, Stacey 
Sheffield South 2 v 1 Swinton Town Craig Couldwell
Benassa, Kay
ROUND 6 Birdwell Rovers 0 v 3 Boynton Sports County FA
Gamban 2, Wilkinson
Brinsworth Whitehill 5 v 1 Cotts FC Andy Hogg
Johnson 2, McGuiness, M Claxton, J Claxton Shaw
Sheffield South 1 v 2 FC Inter Daniel Laugharne
Limb Read, Sargent
SEMI-FINAL Boynton Sports 3 v 1 Brinsworth Whitehill Paul Matthewson
Jordan, Gamban 2 Goodwin
FC Inter 4 v 1 Woodman Gareth Brown
Whitaker 2, Read, OG
FINAL FC Inter 2 v 1 Boynton Sports Pete Henger
Beech, OG Peacock
at Doncatser Rovers 24 April, kick-off 12:00


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